BOV meeting 5-20-13

5-20-13, 12:49 pm UVA BOV meeting called to order in the Rotunda
NOTE: There are 5 chairs available for the press and the public.

docket for the meeting

Intro, then Hurd Report & Sullivan Report
There is a book above the architecture of UVA and a book of poetry and prose by 4th years that are being given to the board.
Dragas reads her statement.
She talks about the 4 BOV members who will be leaving the board.
Mac Caputo, Hilary Hurd, Diamonstein and Mastracco. 3 have termed out, and Hilary, the student rep. 2 VP’s are also leaving. She will say more about all of them at Tuesday’s meeting.
She wants to start with their new tradition to allowing the student board member to make remarks.
Hilary gives her report and talks about the strategic planning process. She hopes students ideas will be included in the final plan that will be completed this summer. Talks about the student working group, who were on committees, and the facebook page, “imaging UVA” .

Sullivan’s report: (note: these reports are generally all in the materials on the UVA BOV web site)

Sullivan tells a story about a scientist that was being wooed by other schools, and she was asked to talk to him about staying. He was thinking of going to Stanford, and they had equipment that UVA doesn’t have, It cost $800,000. Sullivan has a $3 million fund she can use. She offered him that if she gave him half the funds, could he raise the rest. And he raised the funds and decided to stay at UVA. But there is more to the story, a drug company increased its funding to UVA from 1 to 1.5 million per year, so that she got a 4.5 million return on her $400,000 investment. Then Gary Owens and his group got another $4 million in NIH grants. Every organization has to invest in itself. She has the fund to invest wisely. But its only 1/10th of 1% of the annual budget. We need to invest in ourselves. Strategic planning is:
1. with whom shall we compete? We are competing with private as well as public college.
2. on what shall we compete? There are places we should not compete.
3. Where do we have the special advantage or characteristic to distinguish UVA from other schools.
Tomorrow BOV will look at a range of ideas, not a final report.
Sullivan talks about the class coming in in August,
They have rebounded in minority students this year. And 2nd largest number of low income students.
There will be 2 Supreme Court cases that will come down this year.
It should not change what UVA does but will change what the competition does.
2 new moocs will be coming on line this year
1 on Jefferson
1 on the Kennedy assassination, Larry Sabato requested to do this

They will have a 2 year health program as well on line.

Alan Taylor will join UVA as a historian. Has won a Pulitzer and Bancroft prize. He is working on a book about Joseph Campbell

She lists other people they have recruited. I presume this is available someplace else if you are interested.

then she reads the gifts and grants report

then approval of minutes

vote to changes the addenda

amendments to miller center by-laws. available on line in the docket.

Full board in recess, and now having committee meetings

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