2-21-14 UVA BOV Strategic plan meeting

2-21-14  BOV  10:00 am

( there was a closed session on Audit and Compliance prior to this that ran over by 15 minutes))

Meeting on Diversity .Running behind time, so went right into presentation.

They show a video about some of the 25 programs UVA presented as part of the MLK celebration.

Presidents Commission on Slavery and the University  ( PCSU)  :

Report on the contributions of slave labor to the University

There were several interested groups and he goes thru them

He reviews the charge

There is me an interpretive/interactive media center at the Rotunda.

There are 3  plaques on campus

He shows a picture of the newly discovered gravesite of African Americans

There is a plan to  fence the gravesite with split rails and stone

So far they have developed a website., and a brochure.

Approved a post –doc research position

They are creating a National Advisory Board and a Local Advisory Board.


Oct 16 & 17 will have a symposium
Universities Confronting the Legacy of Slavery.

Will also have a grave site commemorations.

W&M has a project , Md, Emory , SC, and other schools  have projects.

Sarah: professor of economics.:

Giving update on the Faculty Salary Study.:

There is a task force working on this.

Adequate salary: leads to getting and retaining faculty.

The tasks are to agree on methodology for analysis, review findings and draft a report.

Focus is on Tenure and Tenure Tract faculty outside of the medical center.

Limitations: Only responsibility for measurement, to assess demographic differences .

in salaries. Accounting for differences in length of services, difference in different fields. They have been working with data from 2012 and now from 2013.

There is a report due at the end of the term.

There will be a first report/ overview of the analysis

will be a more academic paper with background material.

Think of the report as the beginning of the process that will lead to further examination.

Delay in producing the report is  because of competing demands.

Sullivan: felt the equity measurement was important, but believes faculty better judge of their peers,

However there is a need to have a quantitative analysis as well, and legal duty to see that faculty are equitably compensated.



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